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We hope these frequently asked questions and answers help you! If you don't find the answer you're looking for, please contact us!  

Do I purchase the materials or do you?

  • Materials are either provided by you, or you may opt to have us purchase them for you.   We always strive to find the best deal for the dollar without compromising quality.  Keep in mind, you will pay for time (hourly rate) we spend acquiring your materials.    

Materials won't fit in my car.  Can I put on 'will call' and have you pick them up for me?

  • No problem.  Simply pick out your materials, pay for the merchandise, and either provide us with the receipt for pickup, or advise the store to allow pickup by South Bay Handyman.    We will deliver the materials to you, and do the installation work to complete your project.    You will pay for time (hourly rate) we spend picking up the materials.

Do you work by the hour, or by the project?

  • Small repair work, requiring 1-8 hours is usually done 'by the hour'.   

  • Larger projects, with many steps (i.e. dry time for primer, drywall, etc) are more cost effective if bid as a 'project'.   Our 'labor' bid will not change unless requirements change during the project.  The 'material' estimate may be higher/lower, depending upon the actual cost.  Keep in mind, you will pay our hourly rate for handyman's time spent  procuring materials for your job. 

Do you do commercial work - i.e. Retail Stores ? 

  1. We work with several retail maintenance management companies who dispatch us for minor repair work, graffiti abatement, etc.   Their clients include department stores and specialty shops located in the South Bay area.  

If I provide a list, and show you what I need - do I have to be home while you do the work?  

  •  Many of our customers feel comfortable leaving us a key or arranging access to their property, so we can handle their request/s while they are at work.    

I live in another state, but own property in South Bay - can you work with my tenant to resolve some repair issues?

  • Quite a few of our rental property owners live in another state.  Upon request, we arrange with tenant (if applicable) to do approved repairs/upgrades.  We invoice the owner, who pays us with a check by mail or credit card via link - see PAY INVOICE page.  

Can you do some repairs to my condo, and bill the HOA for the work?

  • In order to do so, we need HOA approval.   Upon receipt of an approved work order from the association, we will arrange w/condo owner to do the work and submit our invoice to the HOA for payment.       

Why do so many other handymen NOT show up or fail to return my calls?   

  • Handyman services sometimes consists of an unemployed guy with a truck and some tools, trying to get by.   Many aren't running an actual business, likely require cash payment only, and do not take the job seriously.   We hear stories all of the time about 'no shows' and 'lack of responsiveness' from these types of handymen.   

I have an emergency - can you help me NOW!  

  • We do our best to assist in emergency situations.   We will re-arrange our schedule to accommodate, if at all possible.      

Are you a licensed contractor?  

  • South Bay Handyman is not a licensed contractor.  We work legally, with a business license.   If you need a licensed contractor, we would love to provide you with a referral.   See DISCLAIMER page.

Do you work on weekends (Saturday and/or Sundays)?

  • Yes, we work 7 days a week.  Weekend appointments book up quick, so it is best to plan ahead if you need Saturday or Sunday service. 

Do you invoice for services rendered?

  • Yes, we will invoice if (upon completion of service call) payment is not possible in person.   

Do you takes checks or only cash?  How about credit cards?

  • Checks, Cash, Credit Cards

Do you service my town?

  • We cover the following areas:    Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Hawthorne, Lawndale, Inglewood, Torrance, Lomita, Carson, El Segundo, Playa Del Rey, Westchester, Rolling Hills, Palos Verdes, San Pedro, Long Beach.    

How soon can I get an appointment?

  • We work by a schedule, which varies from week to week.   Sometimes, same day service is possible.  Typically, we can schedule appointment for the same week.  

Are you listed with Better Business Bureau?

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