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Residential Services

Materials are either provided by you, or you may opt to have us purchase them for you.   We do not mark up the cost of  materials, and strive to find the best deal for the dollar without compromising quality.     

Labor is either 'by the hour' or for larger jobs it is usually more cost effective to have us bid a 'fixed price'.   Written estimates are provided upon request, and the cost quoted for labor will not change unless the requirements change.   Check for  Promotional Deal of the Month!

Common Projects

Category Description
Electrical Fixtures, Plugs, Switches, Ceiling Fans, Outlets, Sensor Lights
Plumbing  Clog removal, Faucets, Toilets, Garbage Disposals, Hose Bibs
Doors Install, Repair, Paint, Lock Replacement, Doggie Doors
Painting Interior, exterior, minor touch ups, graffiti abatement
Bathrooms Caulking, Shower Doors,  Fixtures, Toilets,  Lighting, Mirrors, Vanity, Flooring, etc. 
Kitchen  Appliances, Fixtures, Flooring, Lighting, etc. 
Fences Custom build, or Prefab  install, Post/Slat Repairs
Gates & Trellis Custom build, or Prefab  install, Post/Slat/Latch Repairs  
Welding Mobile Welding Services
Flooring Repair or Replace most types
Deck / Patio Minor Restoration, Maintenance (sealer, paint refresh)
Drywall Patch  Install, Repair, Prep, Primer, Paint 
Closet Doors  Repair, Replace
Foreclosure Property Cleanup Debris removal, Paint Refresh, Landscape Maintenance, Quick Sale Preparation, Curb Appeal
Rental / Apartment Refurbish            (long distance clients welcome!) Refurbish - Paint, Mini-Blinds, Door Lock change-out, Flooring, Fixtures, Ceiling Fans/Lighting, etc.   

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